Donor Profiles | Fundhero | Fundraising CRM Software – Contact & Donor Management

Spend less time with spreadsheets, and more time with people.

Fundhero is designed to make contact management lightning-fast. Keep track of conversations, pledges, donations, and next steps.

Automatic Donation Tracking

FundHero's smart CRM (Contact Relationship Management) automatically adds donor accounts as well as donation records to your database when money comes in.


Donor Profiles

See a complete picture of your donor in one glance.

Contact History

Remember every conversation by tracking phone calls, emails, text messages as well as pledges, and contributions - automatically saved in your donor’s timeline.


Contact Groups

Keep your contacts organized with by segmenting your list with groups.

Smart Groups

Custom or pre-made smart groups help you identify contacts that need attention. Whether you have outstanding pledges, miss acknowledgements or overdue tasks, Smart Groups make donor management easy.


Activity Tags

Assign tags to donations, pledges, tasks and actions to track sources and keep your activities organized.

Contact & Contribution Imports

Switching has never been that easy. Import your contacts list as well as donation records.