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Supercharge your fundraising with optimized fundraising templates and smart automation

Optimize your donor cadence to ensure prospects don't fall through the cracks, and donors remain engaged.


Keep track of performance metrics & donor engagement to reach your fundraising goal.


Optimized Fundraising Templates

Automate your donor outreach with optimized fundraising templates for emails, social media and text messages. Simply load the template, personalize your message and hit send.

Smart Groups

Smart Groups help you identify contacts that need attention. Whether it’s active donors, recently contacted, or miss acknowledgements.


Coming Soon

Personalized Pledge Follow-Ups

Send personalized follow-ups to new prospective donors to ensure that no pledge goes unfulfilled.

Tasks and Automatic Reminders

Don’t miss a follow-up or let a donor fall through the cracks again. Assign tasks across your team to keep track of important follow-ups, outstanding pledges or missed acknowledgements.


Automatic Donation Tracking

FundHero's smart CRM (Contact Relationship Management) automatically adds donor accounts as well as donation records to your database when money comes in.

Easy Reporting

Choose from report presets or create custom reports. Filing for financials made easy.