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A story of tools and making fundraising easy.

The founders of FundHero spent years searching for the right tool to help local candidates and nonprofits get organized and raise money. Too much money gets left on the table due to lack of organization and messy, complicated tracking system but they couldn’t find anything. After some time we decided to embark on a journey to create the tool we had always been looking for. Enter FundHero! It needed to be a low-cost, easy-to-use tool that was something between a spreadsheet and a full-blown donor system. It needed to be quick, simple, and intuitive while being modern and mobile. It needed the versatility and chicness of a Spidey suit, but it didn’t need all the flashy gadgets of Batman’s. Something to help users through common roadblocks but not so complicated they needed dedicated staff to make it work. Oh yeah. It also needed to be cheap! In 2016 we embarked on a journey to fill that need for local campaigns and non-profits. A simple, forward-thinking fundraising tool designed to attract the next generation of organizers, but robust enough to capture battle-hardened fundraisers. The initial beta was an iron suit built in a cave. Rugged, tough, and a little inflexible, but it muscled its way through to get the job down. Now, the backend has been revamped, a shiny red design was added, and the tools necessary to support your quest were added. We are always upgrading our sidekick tools aiming to make you the best Hero out there. *Cue the superhero music*. Let’s change the world together!


Matt Lyon

Chief Executive Officer


Chris Fowles

Chief Technical Officer


David Herzog

Chief Product Design Officer


Samantha Shurtleff

Product Manager


Spencer Jones