Who Needs Call Sheets? A Fully Digital Call Time


Fundraising Tips Mar. 19th, 2024

Most fundraisers are familiar with call time, the donor outreach method that is essential for any finance plan. It usually looks like a daunting task with a large list of names, even a binder full of contacts, and all their information.

Getting ready for call time takes work. The fundraising team needs to pull together a list of people, find all their information, print it out, and organize it. Then comes the time to actually call through the list and make notes about each phone call. Last is the long task of re-logging those notes into spreadsheets somewhere so no one forgets what happened during the call.

FundHero wants you to rethink the way you do call-time and make it a fully digital experience so that all your information is in one place to save time and effort.

Creating Call List

Rather than printing a list out, call time can be done directly through FundHero. All the donor history and contact information is ready to go and easily viewable within the system.

You can use FundHero’s smart groups to make priorities and find lapsed donors, potential follow ups, and donors who need to be thanked. As you work through smart groups and your contact list, flag contacts to create a working call list.

Once you’ve created your list you can sit down with a computer and phone to start making calls and logging notes. Or, you can even make calls while you are out and about by opening FundHero in your mobile browser.

Making Calls/Logging Information

When the time comes to make calls you can use your flagged list to now work through your contacts. All the contact information is readily available with one click, including all donation history. This gives you a quick overview of who this person is and what you can discuss in your call. As you’re making the calls log notes, track pledges, and create tasks for future follow-ups.

If you’re on your phone you can click the phone number and begin calling right through your own device.

Following Up

Following-up is essential to getting donations through the door. With FundHero, you can send emails from pre-built templates that are linked directly to your donation page.

You can also use smart groups to pull up potential follow-ups, outstanding tasks, and pledges. This will help you stay up to date with all your interactions and guarantee you get every donation promised.

Using FundHero for your call-time means that your donor information is accessible wherever you are. You can make a quick call to a donor between meetings, or send an email to someone who pledged to donate to your campaign.

For tips on how to efficiently run a call time, check out our Call Time Series here!

Eric Bloom

With 17 years of experience, I have become accustomed to identifying key issues in order to craft impactful operational strategies, while fostering trust through exceeding expectations. My cross-industry experience (from politics to finance to healthcare to name a few) informs innovative solutions, tailored to address unique concerns and bolster the reach and effectiveness of initiatives.